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[ZEROHEDGE] “Is Everyone Afraid? Good”: Monday Humor

Zero Hedge

“Is Everyone Afraid? Good”: Monday Humor

Tyler Durden

Mon, 10/12/2020 – 20:20

This is what that ‘terror’ looks like in real-life for a brain-washed media crying “nooooo!” when WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows dares to remove his mask over 10 feet away from them…

There is everything to fear, especially fear itself, America!

And what is it you should be so terrified of? Here are the new CDC reported fatality rates explained for average joes…

WARNING – trigger alert for those who do ‘old math’ and not new ‘political math’…

If you accidentally thought for yourself, you’d realize the actual COVID-19 fatality rate is many times lower than the original predictions that were used to justify the lockdowns

…but let’s not do the math… because we’ve got an election coming up!”

Sometime to have to laugh, or you’ll just cry!

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