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We live to build – A podcast for entrepreneurs


We Live to Build gives entrepreneurs a safe place to learn, share, and grow while taking care of their mind, body, and soul.

Building a business is more than just finding an idea, validating it, identifying your branding, marketing, sales, customer service, team management, and spreadsheets.

It’s also about the culture you create and spread to your team members, and that starts with developing a healthy, positive mindset with a focus on mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.

Let us take you on a journey of self-discovery so you can improve yourself, invest in your team, create an amazing company that scales and lasts a long time, and make sure you have the mental stamina to handle it all.

Entrepreneurship is a Marathon, Not a Sprint, so take care of yourself EVERY DAY!

Sean Weisbrot is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor living in SE Asia for over 12 years.

He has a background in Psychology and education, and leveraged his knowledge of Mandarin to start various businesses in China including event management, government/private training, international trade, Blockchain services, and now a B2B SaaS startup called Sidekick, which is building a competitor to Slack and will launch in January 2021.

When heโ€™s not working on Sidekick, heโ€™s taking care of his mental, physical, and spiritual health, and he started We Live to Build because he knew that many entrepreneurs out there get stuck in a never-ending cycle of hustling to grow their businesses.

In the process of hustling, they often lose themselves and destroy their relationships because of not spending time keeping them alive and well, and thatโ€™s not to mention the damage they do to their self.

We Live to Build supports entrepreneurs in multiple ways:
1) Podcasts โ€“ some are monologues, while others have guests
2) Articles โ€“ some are roundups, while others are guest authors
3) Resources โ€“ these help entrepreneurs find ways to learn and expand their mind
4) Worksheets โ€“ these help entrepreneurs target weak points in their business and quickly resolve them
5) Guides โ€“ these help entrepreneurs learn new skills, like how to start meditating
6) Interviews โ€“ these give entrepreneurs a chance to share their thoughts quickly for others to read
7) Newsletter โ€“ we send out newsletters that provide updates and share what Sean is going through at that point in time, so hopefully everyone can learn something new.

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