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Cryptocurrencies: 6,681
Markets: 591
Marketcap: $ 2.13 T
24h Vol: $ 232.93 B
BTC Dominance: 52.61%

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Exchange

$ 722,225,890.55
Ƀ 25,589.49
Year Established
Has Trading Incentive
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The mission of Exchange is to empower people from all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence, from first-time traders to advanced trading professionals. With high liquidity, 24/7 multilingual support and dozens of trading pairs, complemented with a high level of security, we offer an attractive platform for trading any cryptocurrency. Within one year since launch, on average, our exchange has been visited by more than 500K active traders per month, and this number continues to grow as you read this sentence. Key Features: - Enjoy more than 130 available trading pairs - Cutting-edge matching engine technologies - Up 5x and 10x leverage for more than 29 markets - Deep liquidity - User-friendly trading terminal - Tight spreads - Consistent trading competitions and giveaways

#CoinPairPriceVolumeVolume (BTC)Last Updated
1ESH/ETH$ 0.033225$ 16.000.000000Last Updated
2RSR/USD$ 0.082547$ 0.0000000.000000Last Updated
3BTC/USD$ 62,552.00$ 347,827,764.0030,765.00Last Updated
4ETH/USD$ 2,214.08$ 169,461,918.0014,989.00Last Updated
5ETH/BTC$ 2,214.08$ 31,390,335.002,776.00Last Updated
6LTC/USD$ 264.92$ 25,760,006.002,277.00Last Updated
7BCH/USD$ 703.49$ 34,347,453.003,036.00Last Updated
8BCH/BTC$ 703.49$ 4,932,485.00436.00Last Updated
9ADA/USD$ 1.35$ 11,392,378.001,007.00Last Updated
10TRX/USD$ 0.134327$ 13,217,201.001,168.00Last Updated
11XMR/BTC$ 315.68$ 2,053,484.00181.00Last Updated
12LTC/BTC$ 264.92$ 7,688,815.00680.00Last Updated
13ADA/BTC$ 1.35$ 2,643,481.00233.00Last Updated
14XMR/USD$ 315.68$ 3,359,163.00296.00Last Updated
15XLM/USD$ 0.631629$ 8,335,426.00736.00Last Updated
16LINK/BTC$ 33.29$ 267,290.0023.00Last Updated
17VET/BTC$ 0.134170$ 2,291,187.00202.00Last Updated
18ZEC/USD$ 227.67$ 12,957,030.001,146.00Last Updated
19ETC/USD$ 20.11$ 7,526,094.00665.00Last Updated
20DASH/USD$ 286.32$ 5,908,759.00522.00Last Updated
21TRX/BTC$ 0.134327$ 4,375,713.00387.00Last Updated
22DASH/BTC$ 286.32$ 1,067,713.0094.00Last Updated
23XLM/BTC$ 0.631629$ 1,059,099.0093.00Last Updated
24OMG/BTC$ 9.22$ 7,944,742.00702.00Last Updated
25OMG/USD$ 9.22$ 30,366,469.002,684.00Last Updated
26ZEC/BTC$ 227.67$ 1,174,882.00103.00Last Updated
27XMR/ETH$ 315.68$ 312,349.0027.00Last Updated
28TRX/ETH$ 0.134327$ 971,106.0085.00Last Updated
29XLM/ETH$ 0.631629$ 113,893.0010.00Last Updated
30DASH/ETH$ 286.32$ 400,648.0035.00Last Updated
31ETC/ETH$ 20.11$ 3,564,186.00315.00Last Updated
32ZEC/ETH$ 227.67$ 327,974.0028.00Last Updated
33ADA/ETH$ 1.35$ 368,772.0032.00Last Updated
34ETC/BTC$ 20.11$ 2,303,738.00203.00Last Updated
35WAVES/BTC$ 15.40$ 824,325.0072.00Last Updated
36LINK/ETH$ 33.29$ 138,811.0012.00Last Updated
37OMG/ETH$ 9.22$ 1,053,572.0093.00Last Updated
38DGB/BTC$ 0.081427$ 237,159.0020.00Last Updated
39ONT/USD$ 1.81$ 14,202,762.001,256.00Last Updated
40DGB/USD$ 0.081427$ 32,655.002.00Last Updated
41DOGE/BTC$ 0.075762$ 672,823.0059.00Last Updated
42ONT/BTC$ 1.81$ 1,338,154.00118.00Last Updated
43DOGE/USD$ 0.075762$ 1,598,907.00141.00Last Updated
44DOGE/ETH$ 0.075762$ 56,763.005.00Last Updated
45ONT/ETH$ 1.81$ 259,870.0022.00Last Updated
46XZC/BTC$ 11.44$ 128,103.0011.00Last Updated
47XZC/USD$ 11.44$ 79,258.007.00Last Updated
48LTC/ETH$ 264.92$ 25,528.002.00Last Updated
49LINK/USD$ 33.29$ 50,021.004.00Last Updated
50ATOM/BTC$ 22.16$ 30,821.002.00Last Updated
51ATOM/USD$ 22.16$ 4,112.000.000000Last Updated
52WAVES/BCH$ 15.40$ 40.000.000000Last Updated
53ETH/BCH$ 2,214.08$ 31.000.000000Last Updated
54WAVES/USD$ 15.40$ 4,460.000.000000Last Updated
55ONE/BTC$ 0.151249$ 20,873.001.00Last Updated
56BCH/DAI$ 703.49$ 204.000.000000Last Updated
57ATOM/ETH$ 22.16$ 1,535.000.000000Last Updated
58DGB/ETH$ 0.081427$ 705.000.000000Last Updated
59HBAR/BTC$ 0.340833$ 5,555.000.000000Last Updated
60HBAR/USD$ 0.340833$ 9,419.000.000000Last Updated
61ONT/BCH$ 1.81$ 10.000.000000Last Updated
62RFR/BTC$ 0.028432$ 1,436.000.000000Last Updated
63ESH/BTC$ 0.033225$ 374.000.000000Last Updated
64XZC/ETH$ 11.44$ 354.000.000000Last Updated
65MATIC/BTC$ 0.388079$ 217.000.000000Last Updated
66ARRR/BTC$ 2.36$ 153.000.000000Last Updated
67TRX/BCH$ 0.134327$ 509.000.000000Last Updated
68XLM/BCH$ 0.631629$ 87.000.000000Last Updated
69ADA/BCH$ 1.35$ 4.000.000000Last Updated
70DASH/BCH$ 286.32$ 956.000.000000Last Updated
71BCH/TUSD$ 703.49$ 0.0000000.000000Last Updated
72OMG/BCH$ 9.22$ 986.000.000000Last Updated
73RFR/USD$ 0.028432$ 37.000.000000Last Updated
74BTC/EOSDT$ 62,552.00$ 4,616,938.00408.00Last Updated
75LTC/BCH$ 264.92$ 725.000.000000Last Updated
76EOS/BCH$ 6.74$ 23.000.000000Last Updated
77XMR/BCH$ 315.68$ 1.000.000000Last Updated
78ETC/BCH$ 20.11$ 50.000.000000Last Updated
79ZEC/BCH$ 227.67$ 739.000.000000Last Updated
80LINK/BCH$ 33.29$ 480.000.000000Last Updated
81ATOM/BCH$ 22.16$ 6.000.000000Last Updated
82ETH/EOSDT$ 2,214.08$ 543.000.000000Last Updated
83RSR/BCH$ 0.082547$ 1,503.000.000000Last Updated
84GHOST/ETH$ 0.353181$ 14.000.000000Last Updated
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