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[deWeb] Let’s Welcome Mainstream Users to Blockchain – TechSource Experiments With On-Chain Message Board PCGAMER.BUZZ

DeFi/deWeb usecase: Pcgamer Buzz joins on-chain message board

DeWeb. DeFi has recently been the biggest driver of new users to the crypto ecosystem. Impressively, there is already over 16 Billion dollars of value locked into smart contracts.  Much of the growth has come from some big DeFi Unicorns: Uniswap, Maker, Aave and Compound and WBTC. However, the mass market user tidal wave we have been dreaming of is yet to come. But it may be on the way sooner than you think.

TechSource, a well known YouTuber with 2.8 million subscribers, has recently started experimenting with PCGAMER.BUZZ, an on-chain message board that rewards users by paying them in stablecoins for quality content. And it manages to do so without exposing users to any complicated blockchain technology, which is behind the scenes.

PCGAMER.BUZZ leverages deWeb’s technology to allow users to build a sustainable community without needing to worry about private keys, wallets, block explorers and crypto jargon.  Instead, users simply post, sponsor content, and interact with each other, while keeping most of the revenue generated by advertising on the platform. This creates a healthy ecosystem of incentives for users, admins and advertisers. 

The way it works is that each post has a banner at the top that can be sponsored and used for advertising by anyone.  Every banner is always available to be sponsored by spending 30% more than the previous sponsor. When this happens, the previous sponsor gets back their money plus a little profit. Sponsoring interesting posts early becomes an income-generating activity. has a few key advantages over traditional platforms

  • It’s all about PC Gaming. No elections, no Covid, just gamers talking about gaming.
  • By sharing revenue, members who add value to the community can actually get paid. 
  • Connecting content curation with advertising makes it much more difficult and costly to buy likes or upvotes to artificially increase a post’s metrics. 

Steven Fox, CMO of deWeb, the company that develops these decentralized message boards (deBoards) points out, “I have been demonstrating this product to content creators for months and I don’t even use the word blockchain until I am asked why this doesn’t already exist.  To me, the exciting part is that we are finally at the point where users can simply gain the benefits of the blockchain without having to know what a blockchain is, handle key management or understand crypto jargon. This is a huge step forward.” 

While TechSource’s experiment with PCGAMER.BUZZ  is clearly the highest profile, they are not the only deBoard: – Discussions on StableCoins, Crypto and DeFi – Photography and Travel – Vocal Coach Reactions – Crypto and Blockchain
If you are interested in running a deBoard yourself, reach out to deBoard creators keep 33% of revenues generated by all advertising in posts on their board. Website: Twitter: 

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Image Source: Unsplash