Cryptocurrencies: 6,179
Markets: 558
Marketcap: $ 1.07 T
24h Vol: $ 152.49 B
BTC Dominance: 64.34%

Global market data

Cryptocurrencies: 6,179
Markets: 558
Marketcap: $ 1.07 T
24h Vol: $ 152.49 B
BTC Dominance: 64.34%

Status price, charts, marketcap and other stats

$ 0.054342 (-7.79%)
0.00000200 BTC
$ 209,518,828
$ 48,014,202
Volume (24h)
3,880,483,788 SNT
Circulating Supply
6,804,870,174 SNT
Total Supply

What is Status?

SNT (Status Network Token) is a utility token developed on the Ethereum platform. The Status application for mobile platforms is somewhat similar to messenger clients. However, unlike other messaging apps, Status messaging puts the user in complete control of their personal data. Status acts as a node which connects to the Ethereum blockchain. Status provides services such as sending and receiving messages, payments and smart contracts, browse and interact with Dapps. SNT Token are integrated in the Status messenger. Status also integrated the decentralized notifications using Whisper V5 protocol. The SNT token may be used to charge a service provider for the notifications. SNT is a complete ecosystem of messaging, service provider and payment platform replicating WeChat on a decentralized network. Status is compatible with other ERC-20 projects.

Status consists of more than 40 team members, JArrad Hope is the present CEO.

The purpose of SNT is to reinvent social and messaging apps with the full control of private data in the user hand.

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