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What are Bitcoin ATMs? [Best Bitcoin ATM near me]

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Asking yourself “What`s the best Bitcoin ATM near me!? – Bitcoin has been around for many years. If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency and happen to hold some of it, you also need to find ways to access them in the real world. Although there are some ways that you can buy bitcoins, one of the best ways to do it is by using a Bitcoin ATM near me.

A Bitcoin ATM also looks like the regular ATMs that you can see every day. The only difference is that the currency it used is cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and the likes. From there, you can purchase Bitcoin and deposit money to have it transferred to your public address.

If you want to find the Bitcoin ATM nearby, all you have to do is check the websites to do that. It will save you time from driving around, and you can get helpful information from several websites. You can compare the fees and the amenities nearby so that you can make that trip count.

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Bitcoin ATM Near Me

1. Coin ATM Radar

You can utilize Coin ATM Radar to find the nearest Bitcoin ATMs around. It’s a helpful “Bitcoin ATM near me” website since you can also get their app for both Android and iOS. That way, you can use it anywhere you are using your smartphone.

2. CoinATMFinder

The CoinATMFinder is a one-stop solution so that you can find Bitcoin ATM, Ethereum ATM, Dash ATM, and other cryptocurrency ATMs near you. You can use this website so that you can have a specific location for what cryptocurrency that you want to buy or sell.

3. Bitcoin ATM Map

If you want to find several Bitcoin ATMs in the surrounding areas nearby, Bitcoin ATM Map is your best bet. The map will show you the fees, exact location, nearby amenities, type of machine, and transaction for the specific Bitcoin ATM. It’s comprehensive information that can help you to choose the best device that will suit your needs.

Bitcoin ATM Map

How to Use Bitcoin ATM

Once you have located the nearest Bitcoin ATM, it’s time to learn how to use it. The Bitcoin ATM looks the same as the usual cash machines. However, it will let you buy and sell bitcoins.

Bitcoin ATMs will also allow you to convert it to your local currency. You also have to expect that there will be a charge between 7 to 10% from buying and selling Bitcoins.

Genesis 1 Bitcoin ATM

  • Click the Buy Bitcoin option.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency.
  • Click scan QR.
  • Scan QR of your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Insert cash currency to pay.
  • Press the Finish option and take the printed receipt.
  • Select to withdraw cash.
  • Choose Bitcoin.
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Send Bitcoins to the given address QR code from your mobile wallet.
  • Get your cash.

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM

  • Scan your Bitcoin address.
  • Insert your fiat bills.
  • Click send Bitcoins.

BitAccess Bitcoin ATM

  • Click on Start.
  • Enter your phone number and click Proceed.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your mobile number.
  • Scan the QR code of the BTC address on which you want to receive your BTC.
  • Enter the fiat bill and proceed.
  • Your coins will be sent to your BTC address.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin ATM

Buying and selling Bitcoins is more comfortable now more than ever. Bitcoins ATMs allow you to make pseudo-anonymous transactions. You don’t have to worry about your privacy if you took certain actions before. Even though the fees can be higher than in other ways, you can make sure you can do it without using your credit card since you can buy it in cash.

Using Bitcoin ATM near me websites will help you to locate these locations quickly. You no longer have to drive around just to find one. It’s an excellent solution to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Just make sure that you have the correct address whenever you buy them to ensure that it will be added to your Bitcoins account. Once it was sent out, you cannot take it back if it went to the wrong address.


Bitcoin ATM near me websites are a helpful way to find the Bitcoin ATM locations. If you want to make a cash transaction when buying Bitcoins, it’s the best way to go. When you need to sell them to have some cash, it’s the fastest way to get that. You can also check the Bitcoin ATM with the lowest transaction fees so that you can get the most out of your money.

Features image source: Unsplash

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