Global market data

Cryptocurrencies: 10,085
Markets: 749
Marketcap: $ 1.20 T
24h Vol: $ 21.86 B
BTC Dominance: 44.12%

About Us

About us

Liquidary is your go-to platform for everything crypto, stocks, commodities and forex and a hub for startups and content contributors to grow their reach and audience.

Our Team

Meet our amazing team of crypto-enthusiasts

Thomas Pratter

Thomas Pratter

Project Lead
Sophie Weidenhiller

Sophie weidenhiller

Marketing & Communication
husein 2

Husein Gagajew



Software Developer

Crypto Miko

Ambassador & Community Mannager

@Crypto_Miko on Telegram

Our vision

Our vision is to create a more accurate, useable and transparent financial platform open for everyone.

We aim to serve our users with the most comprehensive and accurate suite of tools to cut through the bullshit. Our ultimate goal is to provide companies, institutions and organisations with market data.  
Liquidary is also designed to be a platform for startups to get exposure and to get the word out.

Our goal is to position Liquidary as a platform that brings a new level of professionalism to Crypto. We see ourselves not as a competitor to existing sites but as a necessary evolution.
We also want to reach people outside the crypto-space and help bring this industry forward by onboarding new people.

is part of Autowhale

Autowhale is a market making software provider and consulting agency for startups and companies in the blockchain industry. Autowhale has specialised in building enterprise-grade trading and market data software.



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