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4-SOFT: Cyber-security throught blockchain technology


In the world of companies, one of the biggest concerns regarding their data and files is security, with increasing digitization it has been possible to simplify the space necessary to save documents, being able to contain it in a simple device USB as much content as can fit in a library.

Whether the data is stored on a terminal or computer or in an external cold memory, it is vitally important to keep these files safe, safe from any vulnerability or malicious attack that could prevent access to or reading this information. 

This often becomes very complicated as hackers improve daily in their techniques to access our data, in a world where the information of individuals is increasingly valuable. 

4-SOFT is a data encryption company which proposes an alternative to the custodian of information through software developed by the company itself using blockchain technology

4-SOFT is a computer software company which realized how much impact blockchain technology has over the economic and IT areas.  

The company aims to improve the security of business communication through encryption. 

The new software bears the same name as the company, and it is a great addition to any business that relies on digital cyber-security

The pilot project has already been purchased by a multitude of companies in Saudi Arabia, 140 companies to be more exact, which include major institutions such as the Ministry of Health, SFDA and MODON

4-SOFT is also integrated in the startup program and joint collaboration of Google, IBM and Amazon.


How does it work?

4-SOFT is a data and information transfer system with an API structure linked in turn with its own APPLICATION and blockchain. There are three stages in the encryption of this data on:

  • Stage 1: The type of the input is converted to a Y-GEN structure;
  • Stage 2: The new data package is sent to the blockchain storage through APIs;
  • Stage 3: The encrypted data is sent to the recipient. 

The data is kept in cold storage, and nobody else can access it besides you and your partner. The simultaneous participation of the two people is necessary to access the data, which makes it almost impossible to steal or violate this data 

By having your data stored into the blockchain, malicious actors would need to own at least 51% of all the inputs existent, something very complicated and too expensive.

4soft 2

4-SOFT shares: 4-STOCK

The tokenized units or shares have the 4-Stock name, 4-Stocks can be purchased at Pancakeswap, and may be used for payment on the 4-SOFT platform 

On the other hand, the acquisition of the 4-SOFT product, various cybersecurity software packages for your company, is already available on its website, the pre-sale of these products is available, which will begin to be distributed next year. 


You can visit its website where you will find more detailed information about the company and its products ( and follow it on its main social networks: Twitter (@ 4Softcom) and Instagram (4softcom) 

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